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The definitive GEORGE DIBBERN web site, devoted to his life, family and friends; to his book Quest; his ketch Te Rapunga; his passport and flag; his biography Dark Sun: Te Rapunga and the Quest of George Dibbern by Erika Grundmann.  Included on this site are photos and information for which there wasn’t room in Dark Sun nor in Quest, or which I have acquired since publication of the books, as well as articles, reviews, newsletters, feedback, etc.


From 1993 till 2003, with the support of Dibbern’s family, I researched and documented the adventurous and committed life of George Dibbern, a fun-loving vagabond, visionary and controversial sailor-philosopher with views well ahead of his time. I examined what motivated him, the sacrifices he made and what became of the family he left behind in Germany. The ensuing biography,  Dark Sun: Te Rapunga and the Quest of George Dibbern, (Auckland: David Ling Publishing, 2004) remains a timely and inspiring chronicle of what one man can accomplish when he thinks for himself and acts upon his convictions.

My goal to bring about an affordable reprint of George Dibbern’s much sought-after book Quest has also been met. The process took several tries and in the end I self-published, but to see the new, expanded edition take shape has been very rewarding. In its second print run, it is readily available for purchase on this web site.

I welcome input from those who have known Dibbern, who have anecdotes, newspaper clippings, or photographs to share.